Starting the Lessons

Proceed through the course linearly by using the Next link on the navigation menu at the bottom of any page. Once you have reviewed all of the Overview pages, you will be taken to the Introduction page for Lesson 1. If you get tired and want to take a break, simply log off the course.

When you come back and log in, you can return to the last page you visited during a previous session by selecting a link at the beginning of the "Overview: Online Instructions" page. You can also select the Main Menu link on the navigation menu, which provides links to all of the main parts of each lesson, such as section readings, section reviews, and assignments.

Use the Next and Previous navigation links to:

  1. Complete all section readings
  2. Complete all section reviews

    Note: You will be provided with instant feedback on multiple-choice, true/false, and other types of section review questions. Use the "Check Answer" buttons to get the correct answer and an explanation.
  3. Complete all practice exercises and activities, if applicable to the course you are taking

    Note: Some courses may include practice exercises and activities to help you connect what you have learned to your everyday life. These are for your personal development only and are not reviewed by your instructor. You will be asked to compare your answers with those provided.
  4. Note to screen reader users: It is very important to be familiar with how your access technology works, especially when navigating the Web pages of Hadley online courses. It is equally important to be familiar with how your access technology interacts with Internet forms, because Hadley uses Internet form components for questions in the section reviews and assignments.

    The typical form components Hadley employs are combo boxes, edit boxes, and buttons. Different access technologies handle Internet forms differently. Consult your access technology's user guide or contact the access technology provider if you need assistance. At the end of this tutorial, there are additional navigating tips when using your screen reader with an online course.

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