Starting the Assignment

Once you have completed the lesson's section readings, section reviews, and practice exercises or activities, you will read a lesson summary and then proceed to the assignment page for that lesson. View the assignment and make sure you can answer all of the questions. Here is what you can expect to see on the assignment page:

  1. The number of parts for the assignment and instructions for completing each part
  2. Instructions for how to save the assignment in progress without submitting it and how to retrieve your stored answers when you want to continue from where you left off
  3. Links to each of the section readings, allowing you to review the course content to help answer the assignment questions
  4. Assignment questions, which can include a combination of multiple-choice, short-answer, or essay questions

    Hint: Multiple-choice questions appear in the order in which they are discussed in the section reading text.

    Note: If the assignment has an essay part, carefully read the instructions and be sure to meet the minimum number of words required to answer the essay successfully.
  5. The "Save without Submitting" and "Submit Assignment" buttons

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