Understanding the Overview Pages

Once you are ready to begin the course, you can either select the Internet link from the Getting Started Email or copy the Internet link (www.hadley.edu/courses) to your Web browser and press Enter. Then after entering your user ID on the course login page, you will be placed on the first page of the Overview section. The Overview pages help prepare you to navigate the course and explain what to expect in each lesson. This information includes a description of how to use each of the navigation links: Previous, Next, Main Menu, Resources (if included), Preferences, Help at the bottom of each online page. Additionally, there is a list of suggestions for getting the most benefit from this type of distance learning, including:

  1. How to return to the last page you visited during a previous session
  2. How to use the Main Menu screen to access the various parts of the course
  3. Instructions for completing the section readings, section reviews, and any practice exercises or activities (if included)
  4. Number of assignments you must complete and any additional, specific assignment or navigation instructions
  5. Instructions for how to save assignments in progress without submitting them, which will allow you to take a break from your studies and continue with the assignment at a later time without losing your work
  6. Instructions for setting text-enlargement and reverse-contrast preferences which will benefit to students with low vision
  7. Acknowledgment of the Hadley Institute staff members and others who have directly contributed to the development of the course
  8. Introduction to the course and lesson content

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