Completing the Lessons and Course Evaluation

Once you have completed an assignment and have reviewed your instructor's feedback, you may proceed to complete the remaining lessons and their respective assignments. Use the Next link or the Main Menu link to start your next lesson. Remember to access any supplementary information in the Resources section when suggested to do so in a section reading.

Once you have completed all of the remaining lessons, you have reviewed your instructor's feedback, and your grades have been posted, you will have successfully completed the course. When you log back into the course, you will be directed to a "Student Course Evaluation Form." You will have approximately 7 days to complete and submit this form once you have completed the course. Answering the questions on this form will help us improve courses in the future. You will also be able to enter your own comments and suggestions. This information is very important for our Hadley Institute teachers and we appreciate your input. Your comments and feedback go a long way in helping us maintain the highest level of quality in our online courses.

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