Submitting the Assignment

Once you have completed all of the parts of the assignment, select the "Submit Assignment" button at the bottom of the assignment page. Depending on the type of parts included in your assignment, you can expect the following feedback once you have submitted the assignment:

  1. For multiple-choice questions, a computer-generated Results page allows you to review which questions you got right or wrong. The Score page that follows then shows the maximum point value for these questions and the total points you scored.
  2. For short-answer and essay questions that are instructor-graded, you will receive feedback from your instructor within approximately two business days. It's important to review your instructor's feedback. You will not be able to submit the next assignment until your instructor has returned feedback to you and has posted your grade on the parts with these questions. You will, however, be able to proceed and review the section readings for the next lesson.
  3. If the assignment is 100 percent computer-graded and you have reviewed the Results and Score pages, you can proceed to the next lesson and complete and submit the next assignment.

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