Saving the Assignment without Submitting

Say your assignment has three parts (Part A: Multiple Choice, Part B: Short Answer, and Part C: Essay). If you complete Part A but need to take a break and return to the assignment at a different time or day, you can save your work by following these simple steps:

  1. Select the "Save Assignment without Submitting" button. This stores your answers to the questions you have already completed. You may now log off the course by simply closing your Internet browser or select any other link on the Main Menu screen.
  2. Upon logging back into the course and returning to the assignment page, a prompt at the top of the assignment page will read "You have previously saved this assignment in progress. If you want to retrieve the stored answers, please select the Load button below". Once you have selected this Load button, your stored answers will still be present and you may continue to complete the assignment.

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